The latest and hottest trend of marketing in today’s scenarios is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc) is the most Impactful tool used by the companies to promote their product and services. They hire an expert who sitting in office does the marketing all across the globe.
Rather than having a full time employee, companies are profitable in hiring such digital marketing providers who manage their entire campaign of their own.
RMH have a set of such experts which help the client’s in SEO/SMO and digital marketing.

Designing the banners, writing the keys words and other SMO activities are done under this vertical.
Like physical marketing we cover all the possible verticals of digital marketing viz
A) website design – portal creations
B) campaign analytics
C) online surveys
D) E-News latters
E) Live webinars- media streaming
F) virtual events- podcasts
G) e-commerce solution