Wedding Planning-
The most underrated till few years back yet the most common and most important event happened in everyone’s life is wedding and now planning a wedding with the help of professionals and expert wedding planner haa become a trend and a symbol of status.
Except from searching the bride groom, the entire mega function is managed by wedding planner ( as per the client’s requisites). Starting from the ring ceremony to the lagan, Var Mala, Saat Phere and Dulhan Ki Vidayee a wedding planner manages each and evey event and manage the rituals in such a way that the everlasting memories of most important and biggest event in one’s life become immortal and the most beautiful as well.
Reflection Media Hub has every ingredients to prove their mettle in this field. As you know, the rituals and traditions change society to society and location to location.
Finalising the venue, the dresses of bride and groom, the decorations, the food, occurrence of rituals and traditions as per the religion and social values, the videography and photography, the music and live performances, post and pre wedding events and activities are being well organized and managed by RMH.

Destination wedding-

Locations is the premier ingredient for any wedding planner. As per the client’s budget, we suggest them with better destinations for their mega event. They may be monuments, village, heritage property or any other place with unique and attractive features.
The entire arrangements be it the lodging fooding, transportation, and guests handling, rituals ceremony are being taken care by Reflection Media Hub.